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State-of-the-Art Services Powered by Advanced Equipment

DMX offers comprehensive mobile diagnostic services

Mobile X-Rays

Our fleet is equipped with the PowerMax-1260 Portable X-ray System, a high-power, compact system initially designed for military use. It provides quality soft tissue and bone resolution, ensuring superior image quality for all patient types, including larger individuals. The system’s design allows for transport to any location and utilizes the latest digital technology.


With skilled technicians and advanced ultrasound equipment, DMX provides precise imaging, vital for various medical conditions and patient needs including vascular, general, small parts, and soft tissue exams.


The CARDIOVIT FT-1 EKG machine used by DMX is an ultra-portable, high-quality diagnostic tool, featuring a multi-touch screen for ease of use and high diagnostic quality. It allows for quick, error-free EKGs with real-time lead placement assistance and connectivity options for seamless data transmission and real time interpretation.

Why Mobile Imaging?

Mobile imaging significantly enhances patient care by eliminating the risks and discomfort associated with transporting critically ill patients. It promotes a quieter, more healing environment and reduces the potential spread of infections. Moreover, mobile imaging plays a crucial role in quick diagnoses, essential for critically ill or home bound patients.

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